Privacy Policy

The following information delegates our privacy policy covering all aspects of information that is important for the end-user. Personal information, cellular information, and use of personal information, all of which is addressed below is for the information of the end-user. Unless mentioned in our Privacy Policy, ‘terms’ covering more than one aspect or meaning will be subject to disclosure in our ‘Terms and Conditions’ section in the Privacy Policy.
Furthermore, any information regarding changes in our Privacy Policy will be mentioned on the main page of and in our newsfeed section. Also, changes on the Privacy Policy will be conveyed to individual customers upon inquiry or order placement. Personal information of the end-user will not be subject to public disclosure or personal sharing other than that as mentioned in the following.

Personal Information:

Personal information here relates to information associated with a particular end-user. At, this information will or can cover the following:

  • Email
  • Contact Number / Cellphone Number
  • IMEI Number (International Mobile Equipment Identity Number, a 15-17 digit number)
  • GSM network carrier / Service provider
  • Your Name
  • Your Address

We guarantee that the above-mentioned information will not be subject to disclosure including any of the following:

  • Third-party websites
  • Our affiliates
  • Banks and the related Financial Institutions
  • Marketing agents that use information such as cellphone numbers and emails
  • Data-banks that keep a record of personal information for sale to third-party agents including marketing and advertising companies, personal sellers, and to other websites.

Information Disclosure (Third Party Websites):

In some cases (webpages or blogs), our website may or may not contain, related or unrelated advertisements. Upon clicking these advertisements or information other than that sponsored by the website, taking the user to another source not affiliated with can / will result in disclosure of information such as: IP address, browser which can result in displaying of relevant unwanted information.

Information can be disclosed to third-party websites that are affiliated with The third-party websites are a source of statistical analysis concerning website visits, etc. Information is shared only for the above-mentioned purpose and the third-party website is obligated not to disclose information to others. Furthermore, the third-party website is also obligated not to disclose information to marketing / advertising agencies / websites.

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